Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Interhash del Sur Coming Up Oct 11 & 12 in Colonia del Sacramento

The legendary Interhash del Sur is coming up. You can ask Sir Lady Bug, Moon Job, or Cumming Up for Air. Depending on how well hydrated they are, you'll hear amazing tales of the memorable event it was last year!

October 11 & 12. There's a little info. currently on the BA H3 Blog. Bottom line is that you can get a flight for about $300. You'll need accommodations, and the ferry across will cost another US $50 or so.

So far it looks like Dick So Soft, Sir Sump Pump, Bushy Pussy, and NoName Gonzalo are representing SCL H3, so you might want to coordinate with them if you have an interest.

Hash #158 - The Quincentenary of the Island of Florida!

What: It's a Hash!
When: Saturday Sep 27 at 2pm
Where: Moneda 2155
Other Details:

It's $3000CL. There's a run, and a pot-luck pic-nic after. We run ~7k or walk ~4k, then have our ritual, followed by the food and general mingling.

This Saturday, we celebrate the quincentenary of Ponce de Leon acquiring Florida to look for the Fountain of Youth. We're not serious historians. Just youthful in developmental terms. Cone on out & have some fun.

What's up with Florida, you ask? Well - 500 years ago on the 27th of September (give or take 10 days or so. Thanks, Obama...), Ponce de Leon managed to get it to himself from the crown, so he could go hunting for the Fountain of Youth. And they thought Florida was an island then.

Don't worry. Contemporary history will look just as silly to folks 500 years from today.